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Map Editorfor theNeo Travelers

Are you an unstoppable traveler, a dynamic explorer, a meticulous image hunter? So are we, and that's why we built Ikuzo Maps. Let's travel smarter and more efficiently.

Start the Map Editor

Ikuzo is currently in beta. Feel free to try it! The web-based editor is already accessible (click on Start the Map Editor). Please try it on a desktop computer first (before trying it on mobile).

We are also working on the desktop app for OSX and Windows, as well as the mobile app for iOS and Android.

It's hard to keep track of the places we want to visit. Sure, we have Google My Maps, mobile apps, or even... spreadsheets! But it's never perfect, and takes too much time.

Ikuzo makes it really enjoyable to manage spots. It's also blazing-fast, minimal, pretty, and full of features and shortcuts.

There are so many places to visit, so many things to do, and factors to take in account (weather and unpredictable events). It's difficult to plan.

Ikuzo to the rescue! At the contrario of the travel planner which always fails, Ikuzo will always be here to help you decide what you can do, and ultimately what you will do.